Questions about Hydr8
What is in the IV?

This will be based on the therapy plan you and the provider develop. Our base solutions are either normal saline or lactated ringers and additional vitamins and minerals can be mixed in based on your needs.  

Is it safe?

Yes! Our solutions and supplies are only sourced from reputable medical supply companies and pharmacies. We offer the same solutions and use the same supplies used in hospitals.

Are there any side effects?

Most clients experience no side effects. There may be some discomfort or bruising in the area where the IV catheter is inserted.

How long does it take?

Our basic package only takes 30 minutes. Based on the therapy plan you and the provider develop, services can take up to 45 minutes. Intramuscular injections are complete within a matter of minutes.

How often can I get an IV?

Depending on the need for the IV infusion, our clients get IVs weekly, biweekly, or monthly. We recommend services whenever you feel the need!  

Does it hurt?

While pain is subjective and individual to each client, we ensure that minimal to no discomfort occurs during the insertion of the IV catheter. All of our nurses are highly experienced in IV insertions and intramuscular injections.

Who can receive services?

We provide services to clients aged 18-65. A licensed physician or nurse practitioner will review your medical history before you receive services. There are certain medical conditions that may render certain clients ineligible for services. While IV therapy is generally safe in pregnant and/or breastfeeding clients, certain medications are not. We recommend consulting with your doctor before receiving any services. Furthermore, all services are voluntary and are not a substitute for medical care.

Do you offer group services and/or rates?

Yes, we can provide services to large and small groups in virtually any private setting. Contact us at for group rates.

Do you accept FSA or HSA?

We do not accept private insurance, Medicare or Medicaid. However, our services are generally less expensive than any Urgent Care or Emergency Room visit. Also, many health and flexible savings accounts may reimburse you for our services within their policy guidelines. Hydr8 can provide you with the documentation of your service per request

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